Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tips from the Twitterverse

I haven't forgotten about webOScapades. Oh, not at all. I have a few new posts coming soon. Today, I'll dip into the lovely mess of Twitter for some PhoneGap tips.

The first tip comes from Herm Wong at Nitobi, the gentleman responsible for the updates to PG-webOS. It stems from two questions that posed to him: how do you programmatically close the card that you're currently in, and how do you close the parent of the card that you've opened? He's compiled the answers into a comprehensive post on his blog, which also includes the parameter passing tricks. Window.close() and other functions are part of the Javascript Window object, so if you find other window functions that work well with PhoneGap/webOS, please post about it in the comments!

The second tip is from Markus Leutwyler at HP. If you've gotten your hands on one of those shiny new HP Touchpads, the inertial scrolling examples that I posted about work very well. Just add "uiRevision" : "2" to your appinfo.json file. The end result is a full-screen app with code that works on webOS 1.x, 2.x, and 3.x at the same time. In my opinion, that's a pretty good answer to the Mojo/Enyo debate.

One final bit of news: PhoneGap 1.0.0 is on its way. Woohoo! It includes support for touch events, which has been documented by Herm on his blog.

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